Company History:

In 2003, when Gary and Pam Padget were both working as paramedics, they purchased Southern Paramedic Services. At that time the company served Woodruff, Monroe, and Prairie counties. In 2005, Gary and Pam purchased Southern Care Ambulance. Building on a legacy of care, year after year, the companies’ owners continue to expand their companies’ Arkansas footprint. In 2007, Southern Paramedic Services added Van Buren County to the company’s list of service areas. In 2008, the Padgets bought the EMS portion of the Stuttgart Regional Medical Center adding Arkansas County to the operation. Also in 2008, by competitive bid, Southern Paramedic Services added Lonoke County and the cities of Lonoke and Carlisle. In 2010, the Padgets purchased Arkansas Emergency Transport and merged it with Southern Care. This purchase resulted in the company establishing its Jacksonville area station. This station provides all of the ambulance transfer work from Jacksonville area hospitals and nursing homes. Additionally, the company backs up the City of Jacksonville Fire Department EMS as well as covering the Jacksonville Air Force base. (The U.S. Air Force does have a unit on the base that transports to an on-base urgent care medical facility. Southern handles all patient transfers that must be transported to medical facilities off the base.)


Southern Paramedic Services runs about 11,000 emergency/non-emergency calls a year. Southern Care Ambulance runs about 3500 emergency and non-emergency calls a year.

Gary and Pam Padget also own Arkansas Emergency Dispatch. This company currently dispatches Southern Paramedic Services and Southern Care Ambulance from the Stuttgart based communications center. In the future, other health related medical transportation services may be dispatched from this center.

* Now National CAAS Ambulance Accredited*

Southern Paramedic Service and Southern Care Ambulance contribute more than 5 million dollars in uncompensated care every year.
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