Call 9-1-1 in case of an Emergency.

To schedule a non-emergency transport, please contact 888.672.4595 for all other inquiries call 870.734.3366.

Southern Paramedic Services/ Southern Care Ambulance operate ambulance services throughout Arkansas.

Our Mission: To be an excellent company that’s going the extra mile to take care of the communities we serve as well as caring for our neighbors our friends, our family members and our employees.

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Our ground ambulance services include:

Emergency (9-1-1) Patient Transport/Non-Emergency Patient Transport and Inter-Facility Transport

Southern Paramedic Services prioritizes honing its skill for consistently providing on-time ambulance services whenever a resident or visitor calls for help.

Critical Care Transport- Full Feature Ventilators/ 12-Lead and Waveform Capnography

Southern Paramedic Services provides ground-based long distance transfers in conjunction with a medical helicopter program, a fixed wing air ambulance and with our local hospitals to provide critical care patient transports.

To schedule a long distance transport or specialty care transport, please contact 877 number for more information.

Stand-By Medical Services

Southern Paramedic Services places an emphasis on serving the community through quality ambulance services and through numerous hours of donated or at-cost medical standby and other services. Southern Paramedic Services provides free blood pressure screenings at all standby and presentation events to spread public knowledge about hypertension and to promote early detection.

To schedule a blood pressure clinic, please email for more information.

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Dispatch and Communications-Arkansas Emergency Dispatch

Southern Paramedic Services operates its 24-hour EMS dispatch center from the company’s Stuttgart headquarters.  The center is staffed by experienced personnel familiar with the geographic area and city streets. The center is fully equipped to receive both voice and data communication from the primary answering point and to provide two-way radio communications that meet or exceed the paramedic standard for all EMS communications centers. Additionally, the Arkansas Emergency Dispatch communication center is protected from service interruption by an appropriate sized back-up generator, and redundant radio, Internet and cellular back-up systems.

If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1. 

For non-emergency medical transports call 888.672.4595 for all other inquiries call 870.734.3366.